Fink is a community driven project originating at IJCLAB (LAL), open to anyone, that processes time-domains alert streams and connects them with follow-up facilities and science teams. Fink has developed a broker, Fink-Broker which has been offically selected as one of the community brokers to process the full stream of transient alerts from the Vera C. Rubin Observatory. Since 2020, we are processing the alert stream from the Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF).

Fink’s processed data stream from ZTF can be accessed through our science portal and our API (with tutorials). This data is aggregated at the end of every observing night by ZTF. For automatic filtered data streams within minutes of observations, please contact us at An overview of Fink broker architecture and first science results can be found in our white paper published in MNRAS arxiv.